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January 03, 2012

Samsung Phone-Tablet Hybrid Shipping to USA Through AT&T

So far, Samsung's been eating a rather nice share of its pie with the Galaxy Tab tablet PCs, but it just recently came up with a computing platform that might please both smartphone and tablet fans. Its Galaxy Note tablet-phone hybrid has a 5.29-inch screen and can perform both functions, although you need a stylus to use it. This strange device has already sold more than one million units around the globe and is making an entry in the United States a bit later this year through mobile carrier AT&T.

SamMobile, a site particularly dedicated to Samsung's mobile devices, posted an article recently describing how they got their hands on a product description of the Galaxy Note with a photo of it having AT&T's branding. The description included device specifications and hints at the Note running on AT&T's 4G LTE network.

Samsung's Note is also getting an upgrade for the American version, with an NFC chip for “walkie-talkie” communication. Near field communication technology allows people to use their phones as radios within a certain range.

Although the Galaxy Note has a slightly large screen that doesn't quite fit in your pocket, its awkward design didn't put off the customers it targeted, making the company debut with over 1 million units shipping throughout the globe. The impressive number of devices sold gives Samsung the green light to enter the US with confidence that customers will find the Note so wacky that it just might work.

Note that, although SamMobile is a generally trustworthy source of information about the company, it's still up to Samsung to bring the phone into US retailers. This is simply a rumor that may or may not be completely accurate and your guess is as good as ours as far as its validity is concerned. Still, it would be exciting to have one of these big shiny phones with NFC capabilities.

Miguel Leiva-Gomez is a professional writer with experience in computer sciences, technology, and gadgets. He has written for multiple technology and travel outlets and owns his own tech blog called The Tech Guy, where he writes educational, informative, and sometimes comedic articles for an audience that is less versed in technology.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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