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January 26, 2012

Kontron Offers Enhanced 10G ATCA Platform for Designing LTE and Carrier Cloud Networks

Canadian tech company Kontron has launched its 10G ATCAopen modular platform OM9141-10G, which features advanced and faster bladed data transport, as well as switching and system management hardware.

“Kontron’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet ATCA open modular platform is a starting point for telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) to build on a common platform a multitude of new equipment configurations using CPU, NPU, DSP, storage and specialized 3rd-party ATCA-based line cards that meet the requirements for 3G, 4G LTE, WiMAX, GPON, IPTV and carrier cloud network elements,” according to a company statement.

Other features of the platform include redundant power entry modules, cooling infrastructure with hot swappable redundant fans and second-generation 10GbE switching capabilities based on the Kontron 10G ATCA switch AT8910.

Company officials said Shelf Management is built-in with redundancy and interoperability-tested Shelf Manager Cross Connects as per PICMGspecification, and an optional Kontron COM Expressdual-core module is available on the Kontron AT8910 for centralized system management with a standards-based HPI implementation. In addition, a telco alarm panel provides telecom grade external system alarm notification.

“Equipment vendors assessing new system-level projects for a wide assortment of Core, Metro and Carrier Data Center network applications may start designs on the Kontron 10G ATCA open modular platform OM9141-10Gfor 3G and 4G LTE Network Elements, GPON/EPON and Optical Transport Network Elements, QoS and Test Platform Network Elements, and Service and Content Delivery platforms with Security and DPI functionality,” according to company officials.

Earlier this month, MobilityTechzone’s Ashok Bindra reported that Kontron has readied a 10-core out-of-the-box module designed for high bandwidth LTE network security applications. Labeled AM4211, it features Cavium OCTEON II packet processor, TurboDPI software and 10 GbE performance.

According to Kontron, this AMC module represents a 40 percent increase in performance for any new designs of security and deep packet inspection (DPI), network applications for SNOW 3G and KASUMI, TCP/IP packet processing acceleration and QoS that are integrated into eNodeB base stations and other types of network security and test and measurement applications for LTE networks. 

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Erin Harrison is Executive Editor, Strategic Initiatives, for TMC, where she oversees the company's strategic editorial initiatives, including the launch of several new print and online initiatives. She plays an active role in the print publications and MobilityTechzone, covering IP communications, information technology and other related topics. To read more of Erin's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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