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November 11, 2008

SpecEx Now Provides Web-Based Electronic Trading

Lake Mary, Florida-based Spectrum Bridge has announced that the capability of Web-based electronic trading has been added to SpecEx, the first online marketplace for wireless spectrum. The added functionality will allow all SpecEx members to find, buy and lease spectrum in a secure and trusted Web-based environment. Not only will the new members benefit from the additional feature but the existing members have also been provided the feature starting October 30th.
Prospective spectrum buyers can search and make offers for spectrum licenses online. In addition, spectrum holders can view, accept, reject or counter these offers using their Web browser. SpecEx also provides spectrum holders the provision of indicating asking or minimum prices for each spectrum listing on the site.
Peter Stanforth, CTO of Spectrum Bridge, explained how the new feature streamlines the entire purchasing and leasing process for both buyers and sellers.
“By using powerful Internet-enabled technology, Spectrum Bridge brings the secondary market for spectrum into the age of e-Commerce,” said Stanforth. “Time is money, so the more efficient and transparent we can make the entire spectrum transaction process, the lower the costs and hassle for our customers,” said Stanforth.
Six new spectrum holders have joined the SpecEx community as members. Their licenses have been listed in the searchable online database bringing the total number of licenses for sale or lease on SpecEx from 693 to 902. With the addition of these licenses, the categories of spectrum that are ideal for WiMAX and next-generation (4G) cellular data services have been expanded.
“Spectrum Bridge is delivering a powerful value proposition for spectrum holders with its SpecEx marketplace,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of American Wireless, a spectrum holder and a member of SpecEx.
“The site’s new online transaction capabilities make it easier for me to put my spectrum listing in front of interested qualified buyers, while making it easier for them to buy it. The ability to sell our excess 700 MHz, SMR and AMTS spectrum using a single online marketing and trading platform simplifies our business by letting us focus on our core network operations,” added Kurian.
MobilityTechzone reported the launch of SpecEx in early September. The marketplace already boasts a membership of over 80 companies, agencies and institutions.
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