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August 10, 2009

Citilink Builds WiMAX Broadband Network in Minnesota

Apple Valley, MN based Citilink Communications has successfully built the first WiMAX wireless network in Minnesota, reportedly the  first one in the country. The company was formed in early 2008 and invested its resources to build a network that is currently serving five cities in Dakota County and a large portion of Hennepin County.
Citilink is targeting business customers and providing them with High Speed Data - up to 100Mbps- and VoIP telephone services. John Huddock Jr. said that customers are happy to have an affordable alternative to the traditional phone company.
WiMAX is the emerging standard for wireless communications and their business customers have embraced the technology as a better way to communicate.
The company has been successful in the south metro and Dakota county business community by providing flexible service options and they are all set to replicate the model by expanding its network throughout Minnesota.
Citilink uses Voice over Internet Protocol and a 100 percent redundant network to provide their business customers with an integrated package of high quality telephony services, high-speed Internet access for about the same price that businesses typically pay for local and long distance phone service alone.
A recent report from market research firm Infonetics indicates that India and the U.S are the two most prominent markets for WiMAX. Although WiMAX adoption in the U.S. experienced a slowdown during the recession in 2009, it has a bright future led by Clearwire and a growing number of small-town and rural deployments by other operators.

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Anuradha Shukla is a contributing editor for MobilityTechzone. To read more of Anuradha’s article, please visit her columnist page.

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