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September 02, 2009

4G Wireless in the IP World

For roughly 10 years, the management of IP services has been a combination of Web integration and legacy interface systems. As the future of 4G unfolds, the theory of implementing greenfield technology that matches future telecom needs is both ideal and economical.

During TMC’s ITEXPO West 4G Wireless Evolution Conference, a session titled, “Services Require Systems: OSS in the IP world,”  on September 3 at 11:30 p.m., by Amdocs OSS Division Solutions Manager – Mobile, David Chambers, will discuss 4G’s ease of use and the ability to offer high quality customer experiences to propel the technology.

In a recent interview with TMC CEO and conference chairman, Rich Tehrani, Chambers discussed the importance of 4G and the needs accompanying the technological transformation for a fourth-generation wireless system.

“Rather than being a voice network carrying some data, these networks will be predominantly data with a small percentage of voice traffic,” said Chambers, “the classes of traffic will be dynamic and variable in nature.”

Features of 4G wireless have implications for planning the how, when and where network capacity is built out.

“This session will primarily focus on interest planning and design engineers looking to understand what the impact of 4G will be on their role,” said Chambers, “it will also be appropriate for those wishing to understand more of the technical implications of 4G on the network and its operations.”

Chambers believes that 4G will extend the creativity already witnessed on the Internet so that applications and services follow companies wherever they go.

“Location and context will be important capabilities allowing devices to present different screens and options depending on where you are and what options are available,” said Chambers, “they will learn your preferences and prioritize the choices presented.”  

“4G will extend the creativity we’ve already seen unleashed on the Internet so that applications and services follow us wherever we go,” Chambers said.

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