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April 27, 2010

Nexaira & 4G Wireless Evolution Present the Benefits Associated with Implementing Nexaira' High-Availability Cellular Network Solution

Nexaira Wireless, a provider of easy-to-install cellular solutions, has stated that together with 4G Wireless Evolution they have presented the benefits associated with implementing their high-availability cellular network solution.

Nexaira has stated that they develop and deliver third and fourth generation (3G/4G) Wireless Routing Solutions that offer speed, reliability and security to mobile operators, service providers, value added resellers (VARS), enterprise customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) worldwide. Their routing solutions are simple to install, yet provide the advanced management and business class features demanded by the most sophisticated users.

The company has claimed that the Nexaira i3 GUI makes routing platforms quick and easy to install providing the functionality, performance and ease of use expected in the market today. Nexaira routing devices are ideal for high availability applications acting as the primary router to wireless, DSL, landline or cable networks, applications for mobile and fixed internet, or be used to provide complete device and network redundancy in wan-failover / failback applications.

With the growth of 3G and 4G wireless networks, businesses are beginning to see increased benefits of wireless capabilities beyond mere mobility. For instance, they can use high availability wireless routers provide failover from a traditional wire line connection to a 3G or 4G connection, thereby increasing the reliability of wireline connections and stability of their business services.

The company's presentation which is available as an exclusive 4GWE podcast considers the market opportunity for high availability routers, including their demand, their market impact, deployment scenarios, and potential ROI on 3G/4G high availability router investments.

Carl Silva, Chief Scientist at Nexaira has said that business network architecture is in the early stages of adoption of 3G and 4G technologies. Nexaira's wireless routing solutions are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between wireline to wireless services and provide assurance business operations continue during wireline network service interruptions.

Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director for TMC and podcast host has stated that the jointly developed podcast will help service providers understand how they can virtually eliminate or greatly reduce downtime by using a high availability network. The demand for uninterrupted connectivity can be met by taking steps to provide auto-failover and can be accomplished seamlessly with business-class high availability 3G and 4G routers.

Nathesh is a contributing editor for MobilityTechzone. To read more of Nathesh's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Alice Straight

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