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January 15, 2013

AutoNavi Achieves Milestone with its Popular Mobile Map

 AutoNavi Holdings Limited, which provides comprehensive, integrated navigation and location-based solutions optimized for the Chinese market and users, has joined the elite group of five firms whose popular mobile applications have seen more than 100 million users.

“We are thrilled that AutoNavi's mobile map app has joined such a premier group of popular applications," said Mr. Congwu Cheng, CEO at AutoNavi.

The provider of digital map content, navigation and location-based solutions in China achieved an important milestone when its free mobile map application crossed the 100 million mark. This was according to a report by independent market research firm, Analysys International.

Compatible with all major smartphone operating systems, the mobile map app also provides user-access through mobile browsers. The app can be downloaded from the company website and is also available across all major stores in China.

Key features include, among other things, online navigation, personalized and optimized routing information, estimated arrival time, real-time traffic information with user-generated content, traffic broadcasts, interoperability with SINA's Weibo app, 3D views.

"We are proud and gratified that so many users choose and enjoy AutoNavi's mobile map app in fulfilling their navigation and location-based service needs. The popularity of our map app also reflects the remarkable extent to which location-based solutions have become part of the daily life of China's mobile Internet users," said Cheng, who hailed the achievement.

AutoNavi's free mobile map application integrates the company's digital map database with complementary content from vertical service providers. This has succeeded in offering end users location-relevant information and services. Even its map API services have been adopted by more than 120,000 third-party developers in China.

Together, the mobile map and map API services have helped ensure that cloud-based mapping platform supports B2B and B2C expansion.

AutoNavi Holdings Ltd. claims to be the number one digital map data provider for in-car navigation systems, since 2009 and also the top navigation application provider for mobile devices, since 2011. In fact, it stated that it surpassed even Google Maps in the map application provider category in the fourth quarter of 2011.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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