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January 16, 2013

Make Your Own 3D Movie

Every industry is honing on to our mobile devices to transform them into products related to their businesses, and the most unlikely combinations have begun developing. From healthcare’s mHealth trend and CRM’s switch to cloud-based services, it is apparent that our mobile devices are not being used for just entertainment purposes, but more serious topics. Educational health apps are now available and work-related functions can be accessed from anywhere (yay!) via cloud services.

But in the case of the new iPhone 3D Movie Viewer , we move back to the original purposes of entertainment and focus on technology’s fun new creations. 

The 3D Movie Viewer resembles a bar of binoculars as you hold it to your eyes and look into the casing, that you iPhone is slipped into. Once your phone is secure and the crystal clear 3D glasses convert it into a 3D movie a few inches from your eyes.

The ability to convert a regular movie into 3D creates a whole new action-filled, engaging movie experience for the users. It also makes the idea of watching a movie on your iPhone more attractive, as the small screen doesn’t provide the same qualities that a larger one would.

Images courtesy of Brando

The thought of holding the 3D Movie Viewer in your hand for more than 60 minutes doesn’t sound too enticing, even with the soft silicon rubber. It is just the beginning of this type of development for mobile devices, and the idea of having this type of movie experience no matter where you are is promising. 

Even though this may not be the most practical way to watch it movie, it is definitely worth it to try this 3D experience.

For more information visit Brando.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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