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January 17, 2013

Snap Secure Launched in Venezuela through Partnership with Corporacion Copycorp

Snap MyLife, Inc. will soon be making its Snap Secure cloud service mobile and personal security application available in Venezuela with the help of a partnership with Corporacion Copycorp C.A., a technology distributor based in the country.

Snap Secure's introduction into this market is timely as device theft and similar crimes have been on the rise recently in Venezuela.

Indeed, according to a government study, approximately 2.5 million devices were stolen over the last three years in the country, with smartphones the most-often stolen at a rate of 110,000 per month. In Caracas, the country's capital, more than 400 phones are stolen per day, with around half being smartphones.

Since the black market value for stolen phones is in the range of $400 million per year, it's likely this trend won't be slowing down any time soon.

This was a big factor in the partnership between Snap MyLife and Corporacion Copycorp, which aims to expand device security options. Indeed, Snap Secure is billed as the most comprehensive mobile device and family security solution on the market for consumers since it offers 24/7 protection for every member of a family under a single subscription.

The application delivers real-time tracking and location of family members, a panic button feature, remote location and control of lost or stolen phones and tablets, and the ability to wipe data remotely.

"Mobile security is a concern for device users worldwide," said Jiren Parikh, president and CEO at Snap MyLife, in a statement. "And given the spiraling incidence of mobile device theft, compromised and lost data, as well as family safety issues in Venezuela, we're pleased to partner with Corporacion Copycorp and deliver the tools consumers and families need to stay safe and protect their personal data."

Snap MyLife is in the process of expanding Snap Secure's reach, introducing to the U.K. in November through a partnership with Bango, and Italy in October through a partnership with Cashlog.

Edited by Braden Becker

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