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January 22, 2013

Vuemix for iPad Makes Online Video Content Easier to Handle

Video on the Internet is one of the most destabilizing inventions to come along in the early days of the 21st century. But perhaps one of the biggest problems with online video is also its greatest strength: There is a ton of video on the Internet.

Vuemix recently brought out for iPad users a way to more easily manage the flow of video, the Vuemix for iPad app. Vuemix for iPad allows users to watch nine different videos at once, all on the same screen. Those videos can be selected up in terms of several different subclasses, including sports, movies, news, technology, and several others. Users can also search for more specific terms within various subclasses, like "Apple" in technology or "horror" in movies. Vuemix for iPad starts running each of the videos at the same time, with no need to interact with the app to start running them.

Users can search with Vuemix using a text search, much like with any other app. Vuemix for iPad even works with a Facebook feed for added versatility. But it's not just about discovery, as Vuemix for iPad will even allow users to easily cut together their own individual "mixes" of videos, putting up a collected collage effect of sorts to individual users' Facebook walls. This capability is providing a major opportunity to content providers as well to easily exhibit their own "mixes" on Facebook, as well as on websites as Vuemix is compatible with existing Web and HTTP standards. Vuemix can work with a variety of different video sources, like YouTube and major television network feeds like those of Fox, MTV and the History Channel.

The app can be found on the Apple App Store, free without live previews and can be upgraded following a trial period for just $2.99. The CEO of Vuemix, Govind Kizhepat, described the app's value for users in his remarks: "Vuemix has developed a cloud-based video platform that represents a new primary technology that will forever change the way people search, view and consume video content. By being able to view multiple videos simultaneously, the Vuemix platform not only delivers a custom interactive experience that is not possible using today's conventional video platforms, but also makes video searching a lot quicker."

Indeed, discovery is one of the biggest issues involved when it comes to online video. By some reports, YouTube gets around a day's worth of video uploaded in less than a minute, on average. At that rate, by the end of a typical month, there's more video on YouTube that's just been uploaded than most any one person could watch in a lifetime. That makes finding relevant videos a bit of a challenge, not so much like finding a needle in a haystack, but more like finding that same needle in a hay field.

While being able to launch several videos at once may help step up the search process in general, it remains to be seen if even Vuemix's approach can help narrow down the field sufficiently to make it worthwhile. Still, any effort toward improvements in discovery is a welcome effort, and an effort that might make the future of home entertainment more attainable.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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