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January 29, 2013 Unveils First Ever Low-Cost Renting Plan

An important part of cell phones is the ability to customize and personalize the device to make it more your own. While there are options within each phone for customization, such as changing your background and ringtone, the options don’t stop there. has come up with a new concept for renting different phone cases at affordable prices.

A fairly large industry has grown around the idea of personalizing one’s phone, with consumers spending a great deal of money on new cases. The problem is, in’s view, that people change their minds often, and phone cases can be expensive.

“At, we are proud to offer the most affordable and efficient way to own cell phone cases; customers will never have to buy a new phone case again with our unique yearly plans,” says the company’s CEO Kirill Chumenko. 

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The plans break down in this way: users can choose from three yearly options, with the Standard plan offering unlimited phone case changes at a rate of 11 cents per day, or $39.99 per year. The Deluxe plan costs $99.99 per year (28 cents per day) and has more options for case-type.

Under the Standard plan, users can select cases from an array of silicone, plastic, leather and 3D cases, but the Deluxe offers even more tempting options.

For those wishing to outfit their phones with Swarovski crystals or natural wood, the Deluxe plan is the way to go.

“Our newly launched site currently features hundreds of designs for the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5, in addition to the Samsung Galaxy S III, and new products are added every week,” Chumenko added. “Our plans are ideal for smartphone users who don’t want to spend money on fashionable cases that they’ll only use for a few months. When they sign up with us, customers can try out the newest designs and styles without paying retail prices.” even offers users the ability to buy cases in a rent-like process, under the Own’Em plan, for an additional $14.99 per year. This plan allows customers to order two cases per month, that they will then own, and can return within 30 days for a money back guarantee.

For renting customers, the phone cases have to be well-cared-for, and should be returned via a provided prepaid envelope when the user wants to switch.

For more information on and their plans and vast selection of cases, visit

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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