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January 30, 2013

New HD Functions for SPB TV

As social media takes over every electronic platform, the television industry has been trying to keep up in the race. Everybody in the digital industry is trying to figure out how they can turn every product into a social media or mobile device.

SPB TV is one of the many mobile-television platforms that allow broadcasters and networks to send its video content to multi-screen devices, like mobile and tablets, using high speed Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE connections. The development of this trend is the most difficult when trying to manage video quality across different screens and devices.

SPB has found a way to perfect its products with the new SPB TV 3.0, which supports high-definition video streams with up to 2 Mbps bitrates, sufficient enough to support HD quality video. This new streaming technology provides the flexibility needed for the picture quality to remain the same across many devices that have limited bandwidth capabilities, preventing frame drops, blurriness or repeated buffering.

The new SPB also offers Android and Symbian users’ convenient, organized channel catalogues to make it easier to find channels or content categories, with a search function that helps locate shows.

"Android is now pretty much the most popular mobile platform in the world, and Symbian still remains one of three major ones,” said Kirill Philippov, CEO of SPB TV. “Symbian users often show themselves as the most engaged mobile enthusiasts, actively participating in various tests and researches. We know that the innovative and beautifully designed SPB TV 3.0 will be most welcome on these mobile platforms and we are eager to hear user reviews."

Android and Symbian are just the first devices to incorporate SPB, but with the future of mobile-television underway, it seems that most mobile platforms will begin to adopt into the new trends.

For more information about SPB TV, click here.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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