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February 01, 2013

Onswipe Says Over 22 Percent Have Already Downloaded iOS 6.1

Since the release of Apple’s iOS 6.0, there have been some who have been quite happy with the operating system, and others who have known that improvements were needed. iOS 6.0 was widely downloaded when it was released, part of the reason why there are varying reactions to the operating system.

Apple put together iOS 6.1 and released it earlier this week. It certainly appears that there are a great number of people who did indeed think an improvement was needed as one report shows that over 22 percent of iOS users have already downloaded the newest Apple OS.

The online analyst company, Onswipe has just released their report, which shows a large number of users adopting the newest iOS. iOS 6.1 was released on Monday and Onswipe said that a huge number of people had already downloaded the operating system within 36 hours. Among the people who downloaded the operating system, 24 percent were iPhone users and 21 percent were iPad users.

Onswipe said that while there was a large number of people who had downloaded the operating system in that 36 hour window, a pretty large segment had gone out and gotten the OS in the first 24 hours. The company said that 11 percent of iOS users downloaded the new system within the first day of it being available. It does bear pointing out that this particular data is not covering all iOS users, merely those who are being tracked by Onswipe. Apple has been touting just how much of a reach iOS 6 had, with one spokesperson saying that among iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad users, 300 million people had downloaded the operating system in the last six months. 

Onswipe says that the ability to download new operating systems over the air is making the newer OS’ more popular. People no longer have to take the time to hook up their iDevices to their home computers in order to download them. This timesaving option seems to have huge popularity.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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