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February 07, 2013

Ubuntu-Powered Smartphones to Enter Market by October 2013

On Tuesday, February 5, at a meeting in New York, Mark Shuttleworth, founder and CEO at Canonical Ltd, a U.K.-based and privately-held computer software company, revealed Ubuntu’s entrance into the mobile sector coming October 2013.

The Ubuntu open source software, said to be the most popular Linux platform built on the Android Linux kernel, will be available to the open-source community late February. This will allow application developers to gain access to the Ubunto OS platform absolutely free to share and use.

It is, however, optimized for Samsung Galaxy Nexus handsets only.

It’s important to know that Ubuntu will be expressly designed for the business smartphone market as it is Canonicals’ approach to making desktop functionalities more accessible to mobile users. 

Ubuntu’s entry into the smartphone market, Shuttleworth predicts, could possibly stand up to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, if not Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS or BlackBerry’s QNX (a commercial UNIX-like real-time operating system), as it could appeal to companies which employ large numbers of Linux developers or need applications to be written and tested for different operating systems.

Whether or not the Ubuntu OS running on smartphones will stand up to the competition is yet to be seen. But this is good news for Linux-based operating system users who have an alternative to using MeeGo, the first mobile Linux operating system which was introduced on the Nokia N9 smartphone.

Information about the Ubuntu smartphone shipping in October can be read here. More details of the phone and its open-source operating system can be found at This is also the place to find out how it will become the solution for office productivity on a phone.

To find more information about Canonical, the number-one Ubuntu services provider, visit, or to find out why it is that Ubuntu will deliver the best management of BYOD, click here.

Edited by Braden Becker

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