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February 07, 2013

Control Your Mobile Devices with a Virtual Touch

As the tablet revolution, well, revolutionizes, the touching and swiping of its interface is beginning to lose its initial “wow” reaction from consumers. In an age when children as young as three years old own a technological device like an iPad, modernity are called into question and consumers begin to demand for new levels of advancements.

The latest creation from EyeSight Technologies has answered consumer’s dire demands for the stakes to be raised. Not only can users operate from a virtual world, with a new technology development, they are now enabled to control their mobile devices with a virtual touch.

EyeSight Technologies is an Israeli based company that wants to revolutionize the way users interact with their digital devices. It has created a new way for users to interact with technology by bringing natural human interfaces to mobile devices.

The new technology allows for users to engage with their mobile devices without actually touching the screen. Instead, all the user has to do is point their finger at the screen while sitting at a maximum of 15 feet away, and move their finger in the air to control the cursor and do a virtual click for tap command.

Right now this software-based virtual gesture technology is compatible with TVs, computers, set-up boxes, in-car infotainment systems and digital advertising signage.

Since it is in its earliest stages, there are still mechanical issues that it has to mend, like the lag between the gesture and cursor technology, but the more important significance of this development is how it will affect the market. The television industry could potential adopt this technology and rid the need for remote, and computers can do away with the wireless mouse.

For companies, this also creates a new feature that could put them on a higher podium than their competitors and serve as a new marketing advantage. And of course, just a taste of what the future of technology has in store for the world. 

For more information about EyeSight Technologies, click here.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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