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February 07, 2013

Volubill Intros Refined Roaming Mobile Packages

Volubill, a provider of charging and policy solutions for various telecommunications providers, unveiled on Wednesday that its Volubill Business System (VBS) will allow operators to extend competitive service offerings to visiting subscribers using their existing devices via local break out (LBO) of data services.

“The next tranche of EU roaming regulation is creating added urgency for EU operators to enable LBO; but LBO is something all operators should be evaluating,” Teresa Cottam, chief strategy officer of Telesperience, said in a press release on Yahoo Finance. “Roaming bill shock is bad for all parties. It’s a trust-killer that generates fear and uncertainty, meaning travelers simply switch off their mobile data connections and use Wi-Fi alternatives, and it’s a reputation-killer, resulting in bad publicity, complaints and churn. If operators can get their roaming strategy and offers right, there’s enormous additional revenue potential.”

The European Commission’s roaming regulations deadline, which is July 2014, is giving European operators an opportunity to monetize LBO. These same regulations are supposed to provide fair competition in Europe’s mobile data market. However, LBO monetization capabilities present positive business opportunities for operators all around the world.

“(Mobile operators) risk opening up a back door for rivals inside and outside the industry to target their customers while roaming – many of whom are valuable corporate travelers,” said Cottam. “Used well though, LBO is a powerful strategic play for European operators enabling them to transform these risks into opportunities. However, operators in other regions may have even more to gain, because they can learn the lessons from the EU and act ahead of their market to outflank rivals.”

In the end, VBS will allow operators to profit from LBO by offering persuasive data roaming packages, real-time payment processing, and notify subscribers before they reach their plan limit.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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