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February 08, 2013

Ride Safe with Sena's Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset, Intercom and FM Music

Sena Technologies, Inc. is an innovator in Bluetooth devices for motorcycles and outdoor activities. They have a large selection of Bluetooth headsets and intercoms that can be used from riding a motorcycle to riding the slopes on a snowboard. Sena Technologies, Inc. has now revealed a new addition to its SPH10H model. On February 7, 2013, it released the SPH10H-FM.

In addition to having the latest Bluetooth technology, which allows riders to wirelessly stay connected, it offers a built-in FM stereo tuner. This allows the rider to drive down the road listening to their favorite FM radio stations.

The SPH10H-FM, like the previous non-radio model, is designed to attach to the flaps of half helmets. Sena Technologies, Inc. already has kits (SPH5 and SPH5-FM) that can be used with a full face helmet. All of the kits including the SPH10H-FM allow riders to make hands free calls on a mobile phone, listen to audio GPS navigation instructions and talk to other riders. Meanwhile, the FM model allows the rider to also listen to stereo music and hopefully make the trip more pleasant. Riders can effortlessly hold conversations with other motorcyclists or passengers via the SPH10H-FM's four-way Bluetooth intercom system.

Tae Kim, president and CEO of Sena Technologies, Inc., explained, "With the recent release of the SMH5-FM for full faced helmets, we thought it was important to offer the same new Bluetooth unit features to our customers using half helmets. We are very pleased with the functionality and popularity of the original Sena SPH10H with half helmet users and the SPH10H-FM will enhance the original unit with more features and affordable pricing. We are confident our customers will enjoy being able to listen to their favorite FM stations while riding."

The SPH10H-FM is designed to be durable and water resistant. It provides a stable and secure fit so motorcycle riders do not have to worry that either the unit or its microphone could slip off or worry about it getting wet if you are riding in the rain. A unique ear pad design is also featured for easy installation, and this unit is compatible with "shorty" helmets.

It offers easy headset control with a versatile jog dial and individual volume control for each audio source. The unit's battery offers the rider up to seven hours of talk time, eight days of stand-by-time and the ability to charge it on-the-go.

Compared to the SPH10H, the SPH10H-FM has had some enhancements. The SPH10H-FM uses the Bluetooth 3.0, which provides the rider with a Bluetooth conference intercom boasting a range of up to 760 yards. Some of the other enhancements are voice prompts, Bluetooth stereo headset with music playback control, and a built-in FM radio tuner with the ability to scan channels and store them.

When you purchase the unit you get free firmware upgrades, and a complimentary two-year warranty. Each SPH10H-FM comes standard with a headset main unit, snap fit ear pad for easy installation, a USB and data cable and a cigarette charger.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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