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February 12, 2013

Snapchat Launches Android Beta

Snapchat’s beta for Android is out, so get ready to snatch it up if you can. The app lets uses send pictures of themselves to friends, with text and doodles added if they so desire, which then delete themselves to avoid reposting for any potential embarrassment.

What makes Snapchat useful and unique is its deletion features. These messages will self-destruct, removing them completely. Users won’t have to worry about a candid photo suddenly becoming a meme, or an embarrassing picture being used for blackmail, since they’re cleared from history soon after being sent.

When Snapchat was released for iOS, there was originally some concern that it would be used for sexting, but let’s face it: there are very few technologies that can’t be similarly perverted.

In spite of that potential, it’s been seeing plenty of use for less naughty purposes, with over 60 million pictures sent each day so far.

There’s also the ability to send similarly self-destructing videos to friends. This way, users can share full experiences and moments with a similar lack of risk; these videos won’t be uploaded to YouTube under the title “Amusing FAIL” any time soon.

When the beta test ends, we should expect a full release for Android soon. Users will be able to send pictures and videos to their friends without fear of it backfiring, just like iOS users.

There’s a saying that “What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet,” thanks to how quickly content can and will get captured, saved and shared for the world to see. Snapchat is making sure your moments don’t meet a similar fate.

Edited by Braden Becker

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