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February 19, 2013

Sky News and Dejero Team Up for Live Broadcast via iPhone

Surely looking to leave the embarrassing details of its hacking scandal behind, Sky News was able to make news in a very different way last month. 

Using the LIVE+ mobile application assembled by Dejero, the news organization undertook the world’s first intercontinental live video interview using an iPhone. Sky News cameraman Andy Portch and correspondent Mark Stone used the device, equipped with the LIVE+ mobile application, to do a live video interview in the middle of a censorship protest in Guangzhou, China.

Dejero’s LIVE+ mobile application broadcasted the live video and sound using a regular old 3G network to television viewers in the United Kingdom. This particular video was unique because it wasn’t a video recording that was then edited and enhanced in studio.

This video was broadcast as is to Sky News viewers.

"Our technology enables journalists to be first on a news scene and bring high-quality live footage back to their viewers that would have been impossible to capture before," said Bogdan Frusina, chief technology officer at Dejero, in a statement announcing the two companies’ partnership. "We are thrilled to be the technology behind Sky's groundbreaking broadcast."

Dejero’s Mobile LIVE+ application gives broadcasters the ability to shoot and transmit high-quality video and sound. That video can be recorded for editing and broadcast later, or shown completely live.

The application can record and shoot both HD and SD video using either the front or rear camera on the iPhone.

Despite groundbreaking reporting like this, Sky News is still trying to repair an image that was grievously harmed by its hacking scandal. Among the people who have taken it upon themselves is Anonymous. 

The group hacked the Sky News home office in Great Britain as a way of expressing their less than favorable view of the news organization.

Edited by Braden Becker

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