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February 21, 2013

EveryThink Launches a New Personal Management Application for the iPhone

EveryThink, a relatively new company founded in 2011, is launching a new iPhone application promising a powerful suite of personal information management tools. The Israeli based company founded by entrepreneur Yair Grinberg is taking a “more is more and less is not functional” approach to personal information management in the digital age.

The app claims to be focused on human based thinking rather than technological innovation and storage. The new app promises to help increase productivity for business professionals by un-segmenting information that will need to be used over several applications that do not interact with each other.

The new app will employ a system developed by EveryThink, called Drag-Hover-Drop, which will allow the user to move information between calendars, task managers, and address books freely without switching applications. The background for this system is what EveryThink is calling a “triple-hub” of functionality, data, and sync, all designed to interact with each other and other apps to gather all your information into one location. The sync hub will pull information from most calendars and address book formats, including iOS, Outlook, Google, and Yahoo and view them in one color coded format. The items can also be regrouped or subcategorized in addition to just being broken down by the sources they have been pulled from.

The data hub allows users to access documents, notes, photos, and other data sources from the phone directly or from cloud storage and attach it to calendar items for use later. It can also incorporate tasks into the calendar items to help keep items together for specific jobs. These combined with the sync hub allow for a single stop for business professionals to ensure that they are aware of all upcoming appointments and that all necessary parties have the documents needed for the meetings.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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