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February 21, 2013

Mokriya App Makes Craigslist Intuitive for Smartphones

For all of its usefulness, the Craigslist website has never been pretty. It’s a bare bones online classifieds section that has never seen any reason to dress itself up.

On mobile, it’s even uglier than it is on a desktop. However, thanks to Mokriya, Craigslist now has some aesthetic appeal on a smartphone.

The Mokriya app is free to download but offers three premium functions for a $1 in-app purchase: the ability to take pictures and post ads directly from your smartphone, alerts for listings of items that you want and the opportunity to mark selected ads as “Favorites.”

After obtaining your permission to track your location, the Mokriya Craigslist app lets you pick from a category within your local Craigslist ads.

When you see the feed of ads, which is sorted from newest to oldest, you see not only the ad title and price, but also any photo that the seller has uploaded. You can also set the feed from lowest to highest price or from highest to lowest price.

In addition to just looking better, the ads allow you to call or e-mail the seller with one tap. Since you can see images in the ad feed, you don’t waste as much time clicking on non-relevant ads. You can also do a detailed search by entering the minimum and maximum prices that you’re willing to pay.

Mokriya actually obtained a license from Craigslist before developing the app. Licensing meant no branding or data manipulation, so the app, while an improvement, still remains pretty vanilla.

The license could, according to Bloomberg, cost about $5,000 per year. Craigslist could also get a 10 percent cut of app revenue. Still, since Craigslist has over 60 million users per month, the negligible 99-cent upgrade will more than cover Mokriya’s operating costs.

“We want to make sure everyone using Craigslist can go to us," Mokriya CEO and co-founder Sunil Kanderi told Mashable. Mokriya’s core mission is to make existing applications more intuitive for mobile.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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