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February 22, 2013

Netverify Mobile, Jumio's Weapon Against Smartphone Fraud

Technology makes almost everything better and that statement also qualifies for criminals who praise the digital age for all the opportunities it has thrown their way. Anyone using a smartphone or tablet should be very concerned about security. These two platforms are the next wide-open frontier in cyber-crime, where attacks can be launched from every corner of the globe. Many companies are introducing novel tools for consumers and businesses so they can protect their assets at all times. The Jumio Netverify Mobile is the only platform with the technology to let businesses authenticate the identity of a customer.

Netverify creates the authentication by using Android and iOS smartphone cameras and government issued driver’s licenses, ID cards and passports.

To initiate the app, the user scans the image of the front and back of the government issued document and completes the registration process. The application does not show any record of the scanned document on the device, so if someone steals the device they won’t be able to tell it is registered. When the device is presented at a business for authentication it uses real-time feedback to verify the validity of the identity on the device. The system can verify government issued IDs of more than 60 countries around the world.

ID verification is a costly part of conducting a business and it results with losses in man hours, expensive verification fees and fraudulent crimes.

Online transactions are becoming as common as other forms of transactions, and it is much easier to commit fraud because a stolen identity can be used to setup accounts and use it to purchase items or withdraw cash. Netverify lets companies meet their know-your-customer (KYC) requirements so they can guarantee a level of assurance when transactions are made. The application uses a 256 bit encryption for transmitting the data, which is one of the highest levels of security for sensitive transactions.

Netverify has many applications for businesses and individuals alike to ensure the true identity of a person. It can be applied for hiring new employees, a babysitter, caretaker and business models where verifications are a critical part of their operations, such as car rentals.

"With fraud becoming rampant on mobile, businesses need the tools to both know and help protect their customers, while also providing them a more convenient way to verify their identities. Now businesses can move from taking days to verify a customer's identity to immediately authenticating a users' ID, transforming what has traditionally been a complex and costly process -- ID verification -- into an almost instantaneous transaction on both mobile and the Web." said Daniel Mattes, CEO and founder of Jumio.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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