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February 22, 2013

CloudBerry/Ubiquisys Join Forces to Improve Small Cell Solutions

CloudBerry and Ubiquisys are reportedly working together on a new managed service offering that enables any mobile operator to deploy small cell networks. Small cell technology is designed to support mobile phone services in buildings, where the construction limits the amount of signal that can pass through walls and floors.

The increasing demand of businesses to switch to mobile solutions for both calling and wireless data is fueling the need to boost signal quality for both types of networks, and small cell networks can support both.

The two will be combining Ubiquisys’ intelligent small cell technology with CloudBerry’s experience in handling self-organizing networks.

CloudBerry’s services offer businesses the ability to enhance their existing networks with a small cell SON, installed by a contractor and completely managed by CloudBerry. This allows business to buy a one-step solution to improving their mobile network quality within their building.

These easily implemented systems require fewer personnel and limit cost to those who use them, as well as increase productivity by improving mobile signal.

The key to making this system a successful cost-saving option for businesses is the smart small cell technology developed by Ubiquisys. The smart cell technology works autonomously to continuously monitor and adapt itself to changing conditions in the environment where it is working.

This allows the device to keep the SON working without needing to be monitored constantly.

The system also employs EdgeCloud services, which allow the network to keep data sharing at a maximum while multiple users are connected. This is achieved by combining a CPU server to the small cell network with a process controller to determine if remote devices can support Wi-Fi or 3G connection, then boosting the signal of whichever the device supports.

The device then sends the data to the CPU as expected.

Edited by Braden Becker

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