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February 26, 2013

GD Protected and Samsung KNOX Partner to Create Unprecedented Security for Consumer Mobile Devices

Not too long ago mobile device security applications were reserved for large enterprises and governmental organizations, but the large penetration rate of these devices means security has to be an option for everyone at an affordable price. Many organizations, which previously offered enterprise security, have adjusted their business operation in order to take advantage of the large customer base available around the world. The partnership between General Dynamics (GD) and Samsung mobile devices brings together two companies who are leaders in their respective fields. The GD Protected platform allows commercial smartphones to be used by government, military and regulated enterprises while providing total security for talking, texting, videoconferencing and accessing secure networks.

The collaboration between the two companies will incorporate the GD Protected technology with Samsung’s GALAXY running KNOX. The Samsung KNOX provides security hardening from the hardware to the application layer as an end-to-end secure platform. When it becomes available in the second quarter of 2013, users will be able to access public Internet and secure enterprise networks using a commercial off-the-shelf Samsung device.

The security solution provided by the General Dynamics C4 Systems has been used by the U.S. government, military and industries for more than 50 years. It has more than 300,000 encryption devices being used by organizations around the world. The platform can be used by the military, travelers and telecommuters, first responders, field agents, regulated enterprises and other applications where security is critical.

"General Dynamics has been securing the nation's most sensitive information for more than 50 years, which means the technology we deliver to Samsung KNOX enabled devices can be trusted to the highest levels. Whether they are connected to their employer's secure network or mapping an address using the Internet, mobile workers will have the same experience that they have come to expect when using their personal smartphones." said Chris Marzilli, president, General Dynamics C4 Systems. 

The GD Protected device is being announced and demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona, Spain until the 28th of February.

"We are pleased to partner with General Dynamics, a world leader in defense-grade security products. The Samsung KNOX solution with GD Protected will deliver unprecedented end-to-end security solutions to our customers in the public sector and regulated industries," said Dr. Injong Rhee, senior vice president, Technology Strategy and B2B R&D group for Samsung Electronics. 

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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