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February 27, 2013

Openwave Mobility Unveils Integra4 VAS Platform at Mobile World Congress

Openwave Mobility has announced the general availability of its newly designed mobile broadband value-added services (VAS) platform Integra4. The new platform will offer a throughput of 100Gbps of HTTP traffic and promises to be the highest performing mobile data VAS platform on the market with its core software-defined networking (SDN) principles of separation of control plane and data plane traffic.   It also comes fully equipped to support mobile operator's plans for SDN and network function virtualization (NFV).

As global mobile data traffic approaches a billion gigabytes per month, mobile video makes up for 71 percent of the usage, with more than 10 billion concurrent mobile Internet connections around the world. A growing number of subscribers access rich media services on multiple mobile devices, and network operators are beginning to realize that the performance and scalability of their solutions are imperative to increasing revenue and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Openwave Mobility's CEO John Giere noted that mobile operators are strategizing about how to manage all-IP networks as LTE sees adoption in all regions of the world.

“It’s vital for them to secure the long-term revenue-generating potential of these advanced networks with rising traffic, while allowing them to evolve to a network that supports SDN- and NFV-based architecture,” said Giere. “The Integra4 platform orchestrates L7+ applications such as end-user inline policy engagement and video optimization at significant scales not previously possible.”

The Integra4 enables real-time user engagement to offer end-users targeted promotion and data-charging plans based on the user's behavior. Mobile analytics can be extracted and analyzed from multiple sources across the network, providing insight to subscriber's usage patterns. Video optimization is also included so that operators can deliver a quality viewing experience to subscribers by using dynamic video compression targeted at network congested hotspots.

Integra4 supports 3G and 4G service deployments and is a universal mobile broadband VAS platform. The product will be showcased this week in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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