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February 28, 2013

Amazon, Users Report Problem with iOS Kindle App 3.6.1 Update

Warning: has made a public announcement on Tuesday that warns against the installation of the iOS Kindle app 3.6.1 update.

TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) and Amazon recommend bypassing the Kindle app 3.6.1 update and instead install the latest edition, version 3.6.2. Click here to access the site for the update.

As noted by TUAW, there is a problem with the previous update, which is said to erase the user's entire book library from his/her iOS device.

Amazon did confirm there was an issue, and investigated the cause of this glitch.  

According to Kindle users, Amazon has resolved the problem and has rectified the problem with update 3.6.2, which has no known issues. It was released on Wednesday (the following day the issue was identified).

This quick fix goes to show how committed this online retail giant is to keeping its customers happy. It also explains why it has become one of today’s most customer-centric companies in America, if not in the world.

There were undoubtedly those who unfortunately discovered the problem on their own, reporting their Kindle logging them out of their account, causing them to log back in only to discover that everything they had downloaded was deleted from the device.  

Consequently, the unlucky user had to re-download every book from Amazon’s market.

If that wasn’t bad enough, some of those users who did download the previous update also reported having lost their bookmarks and settings as well.

Even though there were complaints by users, it should not have an impact on the success of the Amazon Kindle, which is one of the more popular and notable e-book readers on the market today.  

Those interested in the Kindle can buy it at at $69 for the standard model, $119 for the Wi-Fi-only product, or the 3G-connected edition at $179. All three Kindle options, consumers agree, are rightly priced to be able to read and store thousands of digital books, magazines or newspapers on the go.

Edited by Braden Becker

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