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February 28, 2013

Spirent Offers New Mobile Experience Lab Testing Solution, Live2Lab

Spirent Communications, a provider of wireless network testing solutions, just released its test solutions under the banner of Live2Lab, a portfolio that contains all the toys that mobile network providers will ever need to tinker with. Live2Lab gives lab operators the ability to determine fluctuations within the mobile experience as seen through the end-user's perspective. This type of testing gives a provider a specialized set of spectacles by which mobile providers can view all of the problems that occur when using their product before deployment.

Because of its purchase of Metrico Wireless last year, Spirent was able to add some new tools like Datum and Nomad, which collect service experience metrics, and place them smack-dab in the middle of Live2Lab's platform. Companies can either use these tools on their own or use them as part of the Fit4Launch and Insights services offered by Spirent to help benchmark the experiences users have while utilizing implementations within a wireless service. The tools measure things like call performance, data transfer speed, multiple service performance, and voice quality, all of which are the lifeblood of user experiences. With these metrics, a company can easily tell whether its users will actually like using their services as opposed to a competitor's.

In addition to the testing tools, Live2Lab also lets companies record their data transfers so that they can repeat tests and re-read the results, comparing them with older test results and improving upon what they already have. All recorded data is compiled using the Spirent VR5 Spatial Channel Emulator. After recording and storage, one can replay the data using the Spirent CS8 Mobile Device Tester, which is capable of emulating the wireless network.

Nigel Wright, Spirent's VP of Wireless, said, "By offering the most realistic solution on the market for device benchmarking, regression testing, and debugging of real-world issues, Live2Lab helps to get technology and services deployed faster and with higher subscriber satisfaction. These solutions offer service providers, wireless infrastructure vendors, and device manufacturers a much more effective way to accurately predict end-user experience in the lab - a long-standing industry need."

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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