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February 28, 2013

CEVA Audio DSP gets DSP Group License for Voice Enhancement HDClear Solution

CEVA Incorporation, a provider of licensing DSP cores and silicon intellectual property (SIP) solutions recently unveiled the deployment and licensing of CEVA-Teaklite-III DSP by DSP group, which is a known provider of converged communication chipset wireless solutions. The power of this innovative and state of the art HDClear solution comes through latest audio and voice SoC.

The low power, high performance DBMD2 SoC maximizes the automatic recognition of speech and enables cancellation of enhanced noise. This makes it possible to separate individual voices from surrounding noises in any environment. Subsequently, its mobile users can now use their device without undue disturbances even when they are standing in an excessively busy environment.

The main achievement of HDClear is that is all set to enhance the mobile user experience in every scenario and allow reception of crystal clear sound and open up communication channels leveraging the capabilities of mobile devices. The same is true for other kinds of electronic devices as well, where the level of accuracy is going to increase in the coming years.

There is an ongoing demand for increased battery life in mobile devices, along with a reduction in energy consumptions. In such a scenario, there is an immediate need for transformation from main CPU power hungry and complex video, audio processing to audio DSP with dedicated low power to use. DBMD2 SoC performs efficiently real time complex processing functions such as virtual surround, voice activation, noise reduction, and beam focusing along with resolving the quality issues in various noisy environments and addressing of recognition of voice activation performance. CEVA-Teaklite-III DSP present at the core of DBMD2 SoC is able to handle complex tasks and leaves DSP ample headroom for OEMs and customers to differentiate product designs using third party or proprietary algorithms.

Dr. Arie Heiman, DSP Group, group president and HDMobile corporate vice-president, said that CEVA-Teaklite-III DSP is all about the perfect balance between audio/video exceptional processing and ultra-low-power usage through DBMD2 SoC and this is present at the center of HDClear solution. The robustness and maturity of CEVA package, right from the implementation of DSP of software development CEVA Toolbox environment as well as development of hardware kit allows HDMobile to reach their ever-demanding goals.

Eran Briman, who is the CEVA, vice president, Marketing said that they are pleased with the way DSP Group is able to achieve turnaround quick design time through DBMD2 SoC available in chip form. There is no doubt regarding the impressive quality of the latest offering from HDClear and this is going to be instrumental in firm positioning of DSP Group in the market.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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