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March 01, 2013

Cypress TrueTouch Solution with SLIM Chosen for Vanzo X1 Smartphone

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation recently announced that its TrueTouch touchscreen solution was selected for use by Vanzo Communication, a China-based global provider of mobile handset solutions, in its X1 series Android smartphone. Using Cypress' SLIM (single-layer independent multi-touch) sensor, the X1 offers a high degree of accuracy and responsiveness, while allowing for common multi-touch gestures — all in a single-layer sensor panel.

The first true single-substrate, single-layer Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) touchscreen sensor in production, SLIM requires absolutely no additional insulation layers or bridges, unlike competing solutions. A single-layer construction can save mobile device manufacturers 40 percent or more on sensor costs, which tends to be the most expensive part of the touchscreen module. Of course, the elimination of a second layer also reduces the sensor module's thickness.

“Many smartphones on the market today in China do not offer capacitive touchscreens because of the cost, or they offer only basic touch features,” said John Carey, senior director of TrueTouch Marketing at Cypress, in a statement. “The SLIM sensor enables outstanding multi-touch and gesture tracking for the Vanzo X1 series, and we believe the top-notch touchscreen interface will serve as a true differentiator for smartphones in high-volume markets.”

While traditional capacitive touchscreen designs use a two-layer sensor in order to deliver the accuracy and linearity expected of today's smartphones and other touch devices, Cypress' proprietary algorithms make up for this, allowing the SLIM sensor to deliver two-layer performance. Furthermore, the unique sensor pattern of the SLIM can eliminate the need for a side bezel, enabling borderless display designs.

Cypress also recently announced that its TrueTouch Gen4 touchscreen solution was selected for use by Fujitsu in its new smartphone for NTT DOCOM, the Arrows V F-04E.

This week, Cypress introduced its latest Gen5 TrueTouch controller, which offers the world's most noise-immune touchscreen control technology.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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