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March 07, 2013

DTS Collaborates with Spice Mobiles on HD Quality, Audio-Enabled Smartphones in India

A leading provider of high-definition audio technologies, DTS, Inc. recently entered into an agreement with Spice Mobiles to incorporate advanced DTS Sound into the new Spice Smartphones. Spice Mobiles is a reputable mobile handset manufacturer in India, and with this agreement, it is expected to add yet another feather in its hat with regard to smartphone capabilities.

DTS Sound provides enhanced sound quality and an “immersive surround sound experience” that is expected to improve the user experience with Spice smartphones. The audio-enabled, HD-quality Spice mobile products are now expected to offer a better bass and premium clarity, with exceptional DTS sound quality.

The DTS advanced sound system, in particular, will essentially maximize the acoustic power of the latest Spice smartphones, providing high-definition, crystal clear audio for listening to music, watching videos, streaming content, or gaming.

DTS Sound also produces an immersive surround sound effect that will offer incredible dimensionality and depth, improving the overall entertainment experience for all content types. Integrating with Spice smartphones, DTS Sound will particularly cater to consumers and professionals using such devices for an enhanced entertainment experience, or streaming business-critical media content, encoding and transcoding.

The speakers attached to the device can be tuned for peak performance, and provide users with an intuitive interface that delivers a number of presets for user-friendliness.

Benefits of DTS Sound, as highlighted by the company:

  • Dialog enhancement for intelligible and clear vocals
  • 3D audio sound for 3D video content
  • Bass enhancement for low frequency, rich audio and video production
  • Consistent level of volume across all content types
  • Wide sweet spot with improved sound image
  • Extensive sound field for stereo/mono playback
  • Enhanced volume output, providing maximum volume without any distortion or clipping
  • Accurate positioning for audio cues, presenting immersive surround sound content from any smartphone speaker configuration

Discussing this new agreement, Rangachari S. Desikan, chief executive officer at Spice Mobility Ltd., said that Spice smartphones are not only budget friendly, but come as a complete package. To offer the best technology system and service excellence, Spice Mobiles has partnered with DTS to layer in incredible audio enhancements, which will meet customers’ demand for the highest quality audio experience on their smartphones.

Following the global mobile trend, India is witnessing a dramatic growth in smartphone acceptability. By equipping the Spice smartphone with the latest DTS audio technology, these devices will inherit a competitive edge by ensuring superior customer satisfaction with unmatched “multimedia audio performance.”

Spice Mobile will begin integrating DTS Sound technology in their smartphones in May 2013.

DTS is an iconic provider of high-definition audio technologies, making digital entertainment more engaging, exciting and effortless.

Edited by Braden Becker

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