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March 07, 2013

Walmart Shoppers Are Safe from Mobility Threats

With mobility becoming increasingly useful in almost every industry for both personal and work- related reasons, the amounts of sensitive information being stolen has reached heightened levels. In effort to arm its shoppers with the armor to fight off such threats, Walmart has partnered with Asurion, a provider of protection technologies, to give its MobileCarePlus customers access to Asurion Mobile Security Software.

From now on any consumer who purchases an Android or Blackberry and its MobileCarPlus insurance package will have the ability to download the Asurion security software.

The Asurion monitor app guards consumer’s mobile phones against viruses as well as nearly any type of threat to its security. It also has the ability to locate a missing phone with its enhanced GPS capabilities or lock a lost phone to protect information from being stolen.

In a study conducted by the Nominum security team, which analyzed DNS data across the globe, it was found that mobile malware infections have stolen the identities of a very large population of users, with Android remaining the top target of malware writers. The mobile malware viruses like Notcompatible, Smspacem and Lena can steal the IMSI, manufacture and model information and can also send SMS messages, delete SMS messages and dial phone numbers.

With such information readily available to the public, it is important that consumers begin to understand the seriousness of mobile threats. It is becoming clear that users are not properly educated on the severity of these mobility threats, which is why security and mobile providers like Walmart, are releasing new security software and additions to its current plan packages.

Another security solution available for mobile users is DeleteMe Mobile. It is an app that is available on the market, which serves as a privacy tool, preventing the re-accumulation of personal date due to online tracking. It’s used in conjunction with DoNotTackMe, a free browser add-on that works simultaneously with your Internet to block hundreds of trackers.

There are apps and solutions available thus as long as users begin to turn to these solutions, the initiative to create a safe mobile world will be underway.

For more information about Asurion’s security software, click here.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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