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March 07, 2013

Red 5 Studios Powers Mobile Gaming Bus with AMD SeaMicro Server

The only thing more fun than playing games is playing them with other people, either around the world or in the same room.

Red 5 Micro, the developer of “Firefall,” has created a mobile gaming unit (MGU) in the form of a 48-foot bus. It’s powered by an AMD SeaMicro server.

“The mobile gaming unit would not have been possible without AMD's SeaMicro server. It allowed us to install a data center into a closet on a bus, yet achieve performance equal to one of 'World of Warcraft's' original data centers," said Mark Kern, CEO/CCO, Red 5 Studios. "We strive to create an unmatched experience where people can lose themselves in a new reality. We found AMD's SeaMicro technology to be far ahead of the competition with a combination of high performance, low energy use, scalable storage and small footprint. The new server brings us much closer to achieving our vision."

The server has 256 processor cores using its 1.28-terabit-per-second Freedom fabric. It offers a major performance boost with up to a 50-percent reduction in power consumption.

It’s one of the most efficient x86 servers out there.

Red 5 didn’t have to change any of its code to run on the new server, saving valuable development time.

“The MGU allows Red 5 Studios to bring its 'FireFall' game experience to fans around the country. It could not have been achieved without AMD's SeaMicro technology, which provides the highest density, most energy efficient servers on the market," said Andrew Feldman, corporate vice president and general manager at AMD’s Server Business Unit. "Power and space requirements exist in every industry. With an AMD SeaMicro server, Red 5 Studios was able to shrink what would normally take many racks of compute into a suitcase-size container that could easily be transported.”

“We're excited to help Red 5 Studios redefine the gaming experience and create a mobile gaming center on demand for its fans,” he said.

Edited by Braden Becker

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