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March 07, 2013

Disqus Goes Mobile for Window Phones

One comment on Twitter or Facebook has the potential to reach millions of users, taking the basic elements of conversations and multiplying it by a thousand. However, these comments usually don’t create meaningful conversations, as they usually lack depth since most of these outlets are programmed to function as a source of entertainment.

In an effort to bring more intellect to online discussions or threads, Disqus created a networked community platform that is used by hundreds of websites across the world, and now it is available as an app for Windows Phones.

Disqus gives websites and blogs the ability to create a community where its visitors can engage actively with one another about topics that can range from health insurance to the newest gaming system, as opposed to the limitations a simple comment page has. Instead, users can revisit active or saved discussions, join millions of communities and create their own online profile that others can view, creating a more trusting and meaningful relationship between users.

Disqus, along with its app, also gives businesses and individuals an increased chance of exposure and page views, as discussions can oftentimes spark an interest that will lead a user back to the original website.

Window Phone users can download the new Disqus app and retain all of their discussion history and account information; and instead of having to go to a specific blog or website to view a discussion, users can access and continue all of their conversations from one source.

The key features for the mobile app include a notification option for replies, the ability to follow other users and receive updates from them, and star or vote on comments.

While these additions are just another expansion for the Disqus community, it is also a reminder of how important it is for companies to create a mobile presence. It seems that for any website to thrive in a world defined by mobile devices they have to either create an app or be equipped with mobile capabilities.

For more information about Disqus, click here.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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