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March 08, 2013

Gefen Offers Free GAVA App for iOS and Android Mobile Devices

Gefen, provider of digital connectivity solutions, has made their GAVA app available for free on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. GAVA (Gefen A/V Automation) is the company’s automation and control system which works by using the LAN of the user’s home or business to control various aspects of their environment.

These include all audio and video devices, window shades and lighting systems, and AV systems. The app allows the user to use their smartphone or tablet as the controller, and as everyone loves a free app, Gefen is making a great choice for attracting customers.

“The new GAVA App uses a caching system on your mobile devices so it doesn’t need to re-load data, providing a faster and smoother loading time when you’re using other apps or when you’re on the phone,” explained GAVA’s product manager for Gefen Orrin Charm. “The GAVA app also makes it easier to find GAVA and to manage multiple GAVA systems.”

By providing all the software and hardware needed to configure the system, as well as a simple interface and easy programming, GAVA is optimized for almost any user. It uses IP connectivity to access the devices included in the system, which can range from receivers, switchers and Blu-ray players to Apple TV, iTunes and other set-top boxes and displays.

The way it works is GAVA gives the user a unique IP address to enable authorized smartphones, tablets and other devices that use Wi-Fi or Ethernet access to log into the system. Despite this, the program is network-run works without Internet access, needing no extra steps for configuration or use.

In addition to making the app completely free, Gefen is so confident is GAVA that they are offering a free “Demo Systems” mode for the user to get a sense of what the program will look and work like. The Demo System option also works without an actual system connection or any network access.

Gefen offers two versions of the GAVA app, one for Apple products and the other for Android. The iOS app will work with iOS versions 5.1 or later, and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. The Android app will work with Android versions 4.2 or later, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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