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March 11, 2013

Red Bend Unveiling TRUE Device Security Platform

Red Bend software is a major player in the Mobile Software Management (MSM) sector. The company announced that IBM Pulse 2013 will be actively showcasing how enterprise level companies can secure their mobile data using the Red Bend TRUE Solution for BYOD.

In a session at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas entitled “Virtualization for Secure and Private Mobile Device Management,” the company will be showing off the TRUE solution for BYOD and what it can actually do when CIOs are able to trust that their employees have a higher than average level of security on their personal devices.

The Red Bend software solution work to treat an employee’s personal device, such as an iPhone, like it is a company issued phone, while still allowing users to feel as though they are keeping their personal and professional uses separate.

At the demonstration, Red Bend will invite CIOs in the audience to actually try out its new TRUE solutions using the dual persona version of a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Samsung has agreed to the program and the collaboration was actually announced about a week ago.

The program will demonstrate just how well the solution is able to keep a person’s personal information separate from information that they pick up while at the office. By actually formulating a two prong approach to security that BYOD devices need on the enterprise level, information is that much safer.

CIOs the world over have had to adjust the way they conduct company security. While companies used to issue devices like the Blackberry, BYOD has changed the way companies do business. Some of those changes are quite positive .Because of this, companies like Red Bend have been called on to find ways to offer the same level of security a company had before BYOD became the norm.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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