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March 11, 2013

ABI Research Reports Mediatek has produced the World's Smallest Transceiver

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly getting smaller across all dimensions and the new transceiver from Meditek will eventually be applied in the new generation of these devices as the company released the world’s smallest RF transceiver MT6167, at 40 nm making it the first transceiver at that size.

Although this is a great achievement, Mediatek is following a juggernaut when it comes to the best technology used by the most recognized brands around the world. QUALCOMM has a considerable lead when it comes to higher end products with more computing power and higher data rates, as well as other specifications.

The transceiver supports 2G and 3G protocols measuring at 7 sq. mm, and the usual range for this type of functionality in these type of transceivers is 20 sq. mm. The MT6167 comes together with the MT6589, a quad core application processor/3G modem and the MT6320 power management unit (PMU).

According to ABI Research’s tear down laboratory results the chip has a good performance measuring with 30 percent less power in 3G talk mode and 40 percent less power in 2G talk mode. The quad core application processor provides a user interface that is smooth with plenty of power for mobile devices.

“While Mediatek follows slightly behind, aiming for the most cost effective and power conscious solutions. Qualcomm will remain the leader of the pack as long as additional technology is required but once the mobile device reaches a point where consumers are satisfied with performance, watch for Mediatek and companies with the same mindset to come on very strong,” said Jim Mielke, VP of engineering at ABI research.

As the research mentions QUALCOMM is the company to catch, and as of now the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world including Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC and 340 other devices in different applications, as well as another 400 in development use the company’s Snapdragon chip. Meditek has to choose its market very carefully and apply its newfound technological superiority by addressing the markets QUALCOMM is overlooking.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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