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March 12, 2013

Google Reveals New Gmail App and UI for Mobile Users

The free Web-based e-mail service provided by Google, Gmail, is one of today’s most widely used mail sites--with several million active users worldwide—to retrieve secure webmail and also provide IMAP and POP3 services for e-mail clients.

Five years after its initial launch date of a beta release in 2004, Gmail, in 2009, came out with an instant push e-mail service that “pushed” messages as soon as they arrived to mobile devices without users needing to retrieve them manually at the ISP’s mail server; messages were stored until clients chose to download them onto their mobile device via Google Sync, the service which provides over-the-air synchronization of Gmail.

Two years later, the e-mail service provider giant launched Google+, a social networking service, which also became a new way of accessing Gmail.

On Monday, 10 March, Google introduced its new user interface (UI) to the Gmail mobile Web app for Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire devices, which came months after the update to iOS devices in December. The change is also for those that use Gmail Offline.  

Those that have already gone to see the new Gmail UI, from having visited using their mobile device browser, admitted, for the most part, that the interface has a refreshed look and feel.

The majority said they liked the redesigned UI, with its many appealing visual changes. The new application features improved search and integration with Google Calendar, just to name a few of its new abilities.

According to developers, the updates are similar to those for the iPhone and iPad application, but it does not include all of the new features of the Version: 2.0.1 Gmail app at Apples App Store.

The only drawback of this news, at the moment, is that this update design of Gmail’s Web app for mobile handsets is not available, yet, for Windows phone. This may change in the near future.

To learn about other developmental changes, upgrades and updates on Gmail, stay tuned to Mobility Techzone.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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