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March 12, 2013

Reverb Networks Awarded SON Patent

Reverb Networks, a developer of intelligent Self-Optimizing Network (SON) solutions, recently received a patent award from the USPTO for its antenna-based optimization, involving coverage, interference and throughput using measurements at sector and subscriber group levels for all wireless technologies.

Reverb Networks had also been awarded U.S. patent #8,229,363 for detecting interference via SON sometime during late 2012.

Magnus Friberg, chief executive officer at Reverb Networks, said they were very pleased with the SON patent award, as it bolsters Reverb’s IPR portfolio in SON technology. The award demonstrates Reverb’s unique technology for automating network optimization with their InteliSON platform as well.

Reverb will continue to drive innovation in SON technology as it continues to deploy its cutting-edge programs in 3G and 4G networks globally.

The InteliSON platform extracts critical key performance indicator (KPI) data from a mobile operator’s existing radio access network (RAN), and makes automatic antenna and RF parameter configuration changes using the InteliSON’s algorithm engine. This aids mobile operators in reaching optimum network performance, and reduces operational and capital expenditures in addition to optimization costs.

The product is interoperable with a multi-vendor network infrastructure solution as well.

Friberg added that their InteliSON platform extends Reverb’s first-to-market, antenna-based SON to encompass RF Parameter SON, enabling them to provide a more comprehensive self-optimization solution to mobile network operators.

He believes their SON technology will be invaluable to operators striving to maximize their investment in their mobile network infrastructure.

Reverb Networks InteliSON enhances networks of Mobile Network Operators who can maximize the performance of their wireless network automatically and efficiently, yielding lower operational and capital expenditures.

Edited by Braden Becker

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