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March 12, 2013

Hammacher Schlemmer Intros New Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth-enabled device users will have a new way to bring music to their ears with the new release of Bluetooth headphones from Hammacher Schlemmer. These new headphones will be simplistic in the fact that the controls will be located on one of the earpieces and will only require a swipe of the finger to operate.

These headphones can be used on Bluetooth music players, smartphones, and tablets, and users operate them by simply swiping their finger up or down to control the volume and left or right to determine which track the user is listening. The quick-charging feature will make users happy as it will only need one hour of charging in order to use the headphones for ten hours.

If those features were not enough, the Hammacher Schlemmer headphones will have a built-in microphone, so that they can be used as a hands-free device. When there is an incoming call, the headphones will stop the music and allow the user to accept the call and will return to the music once the call is completed. The headphones come with a hard case to store the headphones in after they are folded, and they also come with an auxiliary port and cable to allow for use with non-Bluetooth compatible devices. Consumers will be able to take advantage of all of these features for $150.

Some competitors in the Bluetooth headphone market include Velodyne vFree On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones and Revo Wireless Headphones. There is room in the market for Hammacher Schlemmer to succeed, as long as their headphones can improve upon the flaws in the Bluetooth headphone models that are currently available. 

Laptop noted that the Velodyne model’s touch controls are “difficult to master” and Financial Review noted that the Revo model’s pad “a little too sensitive.” With the rising popularity of headphones models, these new Bluetooth models are certain to become the next big market, especially with models like the Tenqa Remixed available at $39.00 for consumers on a budget.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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