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April 17, 2013

New iPad App for Gardening Enthusiasts

For anyone who loves to play Farmville, there’s a new app that may just have them leave their beloved Facebook app by the wayside. Let’s Grow, from Competent Developments Ltd., is a free app that is touted as a “virtual 3D plant creator.”

What exactly does that mean? The free program for Apple users allows gardening enthusiasts to grow and care for virtual plants, including 27 different plant species, and the ability to design their own leaves and flowers. Users may share snapshots of the plants grown in their HD, retina-optimized, 3D environment with their friends and followers on their social networks. 

The website promises that every plant grown is unique, thanks to their “intelligent growth pattern.”

Users are also able to customize their garden to suit their unique tastes. A recent statement from Competent Developments suggested that users could “take the minimalist approach from the Zen temple gardens of Japan,” use the “classical approach seen in the timeless beauty of English gardens,” or “try the symmetrical simplicity found in Spanish gardens,” among other options. 

Options don’t stop with the gardening; there are 20 different flowerpots to choose from and three different “posing environments,” like a Parisian tabletop.

The app promises to brighten up the day of Apple users and provide city-dwellers with “gardening” options that simply cannot be achieved in urban environments. It also holds great potential for elderly individuals who may not be able to garden anymore, hospital patients, and those who live in the desert or other climates that are unfriendly for gardeners. 

Taking gardening to an iPad is a sign of the times that we live in—everything can be done virtually now. While it may not be exactly like the real thing, it’s a good substitute for a number of people who are not able to grow the real thing.

Edited by Braden Becker

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