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April 19, 2013

DTS Adding Sound System to Coolpad Smartphones for Chinese Market

DTS, Inc. is known around the world for the state-of-the-art audio technology it produces. The firm’s technology is used in movies, music, gaming and many other forms of digital entertainment, and it is a mandatory standard in Blu-Ray discs. 

Since it was first established in 1993, the company has branched out into most consumer electronics, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Coolpad smartphone from Yulong Telecommunication is implementing the DTS sound system for its Chinese market.

Yulong Telecommunication provides integrated solutions for mobile data platform systems, smartphones and value-added business services. The company announced that DTS will be integrating its audio technology into the new line of Coolpad branded phones.

The 5890, 5930 and 7268 line of Coolpad phones will be available in China with the DTS systems.

This is not the first collaboration between Yulong and DTS. Last year, the DTS Envelo integrated with the Coolpad 7728, for China Unicom. By using internationally recognized brands in their product, Chinese manufacturers are addressing not only the international market, but also the growing middle class in the country that is very brand conscious.

 “Through our partnering with Yulong, we are excited to expand our presence in Asia and continue our long-term commitment to successful collaborations in the China market. We look forward to continue helping Yulong strengthen its position in the mobile industry by offering its customers a high-quality audio experience,” said George Wu, general manager at DTS in China.

Smartphones are becoming an all-in-one device that provide communication, computing and entertainment. A key component in being entertained is a good sound system, and that’s why Yulong has invested in having a globally recognized brand in its phones.

The DTS sound provides high-definition audio for listening content from movies, music, games and online. According to DTS, the embedded audio solution can create a surround sound effect when the system is used with headphones.

 “Yulong understands the vital role that audio plays in ensuring customer satisfaction. Working with DTS enables us to enhance the audio on our Coolpad smart devices and provide our customers with a superior mobile entertainment experience,” said Chengli, brand director at Yulong Telecommunication.

The DTS mobile solution gives the user multiple listening options on a mobile device including SRS Sound, DTS Sound, DTS Studio Sound and DTS-HD.

Edited by Braden Becker

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