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April 24, 2013

Digi International Rebrands the iDigi Device Cloud

Digi International has revealed that it has decided to rebrand its iDigi Device Cloud as the Device Cloud by Etherios. Ehterios is a division of Digi International and is also a Cloud Alliance Platinum Partner. The rebranding effort is one that is built to show that the real emphasis for the company is the Device Cloud. The rebranding will also help point out that this is a mission critical application for a number of different manufacturer’s hardware.

Larry Kraft, senior vice president of Marketing, Digi International talked about why his company felt that the rebranding of the service was something it needed to do. “Etherios’ services were born as cloud-based solutions, so the brand’s roots allow us to re-emphasize our focus on enabling connectivity to any manufacturers’ hardware. The Device Cloud was designed from the ground up to connect any device, to any application, anywhere in the world.” Kraft said.

The new name isn’t the only thing the company is doing in order to go through with its rebranding. There will also be a new logo and color scheme. By doing this, Digi International is following with its plan to rebrand itself completely in one swoop. That doesn’t mean that the application will be changed to be less effective, instead it will actually be extremely scalable. The Device Cloud allows access for a device from nearly any application.

Access to the robust solution will allow any company to maximize the investment they have made in Internet-based business without having to change the application that they are using. The Etherios Device Cloud will also allow a company to save money by running low-cost microprocessors even if there is not an operating system present. This is the reason the company can run almost any solution no matter what the original platform might be.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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