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May 03, 2013

Soundrop's Newest Feature Adds 'Best-of' Genre Playlists

Social music platform Soundrop is letting its users discover the best of any particular music genre – whether it be Death Metal or movie soundtracks – with the launch of its “best-of” genre playlist.  

The way it works is users enter a Soundrop room – such as “Chill Out,” “Indie Wok” or “Dubstep” – and add songs to the room. Listeners in the room vote for their favorite song to be next. Songs from the crowd-sourced playlist can be added to Spotify, allowing all of that social curating to live on as a playlist anyone can subscribe to.

“By subscribing to one of our new playlists, you can have the best music for each genre right at your fingertips,” said Inge Andre Sandvik, CEO of Soundrop. “And it is updated every day, so you never miss a new discovery.”

Sandvik believes these new best-of playlists provide meaningful insight for the music industry since it is not a stretch to imagine any band rising up the genre chart and capturing a bigger share of an audience, or maybe even signing a label deal.

With over 500 million streams of its rooms in its debut year, Soundrop is showing no signs of slowing down. Recently the company allowed people to create and embed listening rooms on Facebook's fan pages. A mixture of audio tracks from Spotify and videos from YouTube and Vevo can be added as people interact with each on the page while in the room together.

The Facebook app is just one step in Soundrop's long term plans. Their strategy is to give free access to their SDK in order to scale out the rooms everywhere, making them accessible from televisions, cars, mobile phones, tablets and laptops – all in real time.

Artists that have signed up for the Facebook feature include Matisyahu, Owl City, ABBA, Public Enemy, MC Lars, Hot Chip, Dan Deacon and Franz Ferdinand.

To subscribe to the “best-of” playlists, visit Soundrop’s public Spotify profile.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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