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May 21, 2013

Motorola Solutions Releases Three Products Designed for Extreme Weather

Motorola Solutions, Inc. has introduced three new items into its product line to help consumers handle critical communication situations in extreme conditions, such as cold weather. The new products, Omnii XT 15f, VH10 and VH10f are all designed to withstand freezing cold temperatures.

Omnii XT15f is a modular mobile computer designed for collecting data in supermarkets, pharmaceutical facilities and other locations that need to measure cold temperatures. On the other hand, Psion VH10 and VH10f were made for automobiles such as forklifts, trucks, and straddle cranes – all of which are used in a variety of weather conditions.

For example, the Omnii XT15f is designed with “frost-free” technology to make things easier for the employee using it. It will automatically defog its scan window, allowing for consistency. Additionally, it has specialized keyboards that are designed to resist freezing keys and an optically bonded display with an integrated heater, eliminating internal display fogging. The same attention was given to the VH10 and VH10f products.

“Together these new offerings provide maximum productivity and flawless fulfillment in the most challenging customer environments including the busiest warehouses and coldest supply chains,” according to Motorola officials. “Motorola’s new freezer and condensation-rated mobile computers are engineered to work and thrive in these demanding conditions and come with field replaceable pistol grips, keyboards, touchscreen and data capture options to help simplify repairs while reducing the total cost of ownership.”

Joe White, vice president of Enterprise Mobile Computing, Motorola Solutions, said the new products would help Motorola to address the increasing demands currently being prompted by customer’s needs. “Motorola Solutions’ Psion Omnii XT15f handheld computer and VH10 vehicle-mounted computers address our customers’ top supply chain challenges and also meet the unique, demanding needs of the cold chain,” White commented.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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