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May 28, 2013

Cloudmark Looks to Combat Broadband Security Threat

Mobile carriers and Web hosting providers needing to control spam and other messaging threats within their broadband networks may want to take note of Cloudmark's latest development.

The company has unveiled its newest offering, Security Platform for Broadband, which tackles a number of messaging threats, including e-mail spam, malware and Web-based attacks. As fixed-line, mobile broadband and Web hosting providers see an increase in these various attacks, Cloudmark sees an opportunity to step in.

Malware and spam are nothing new, but the damage they can to do a network's infrastructure and reputation can be costly. Broadband providers are seeing an increasing number of IP address ranges being blacklisted while Web hosting providers have to deal with users signing up for dedicated virtual private servers only to have them used as bulletproof hosting platforms to send out spam.

Cloudmark's solution is to block messaging attacks in real-time while producing near zero false positives. Its latest solution detects and takes action on infected devices before they can impact service for other subscribers. Reputation tracking of compromised devices allows the provider to apply anti-abuse and class of service policies to spam sending machines, even if those machines try to re-associate to the network under a different IP address.

The increased popularity of mobile devices provides spammers with an additional avenue to distribute their malware. While the primary target is typically the end user, Cloudmark CTO Neil Cook says the providers are also harmed in the process.

“We are enabling providers to detect and prevent misuse of their network so that their customers can send and receive messages without issue,” said Cook.

The benefits of the system are simple enough – less headaches and less money spent by the provider in cleaning up a potential disaster. 

Companies such as Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Cox Communications are all on board with the service.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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