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May 29, 2013

AT&T Now Offering Full iPhone Support on GoPhone Plans

AT&T has been working hard to make sure that their customers are happy as part of a campaign to win the wars between the major U.S. mobile carriers. With most companies now offering phones that are remarkably similar, the best way to make sure that a company keeps it customers as well as luring in new ones has been to make sure those customers are happy. One way AT&T has found to make customers happy is to offer high-end smartphones without the hassle of having a contract.

These contract-free smartphones are all covered under the GoPhone plan, with AT&T offering support for its LTE and HSPA+ networks. May 31 will also be the first day that the company will be offering full iPhone support. Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy Appeal, have been offered up for quite a while now, but support for the iPhone seems to hint at the fact that GoPhone is here to stay.

Up until Friday, AT&T was allowing iPhone users to sign up for the service, but they didn’t have cellular data access. With Friday’s changes, users of the iPhone will be able to use the GoPhone program with the full range of iPhone features. That means that users will have access to LTE data and visual voicemail.

AT&T announced through a statement that GoPhone for iPhone will have three different service plans. The first plan is the higher end $65 a month plan that offers unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of data. There are also monthly plans that cost $25 or $50 a month, but customers have to tack on separate data plans.

In regards to current GoPhone customers, the switch over to cellular data access will be automatic on June 21. New subscribers and current subscribers can get that access immediately if they request the switch specifically.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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