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June 05, 2013

BlueAnt Unveils Connect Bluetooth Headset

BlueAnt Wireless has recently debuted a new Bluetooth headset, the Connect.

“The Connect’s combination of comfort, features and price is unmatched for this wearing style and audio quality in the industry,” said BlueAnt CEO Taisen Maddern, in a statement. “With this product, customers have all the tools necessary to be productive at or away from work and a design so comfortable they’ll forget they’re wearing it.”

While BlueTooth headsets are nothing new to mobile users, especially as laws requiring the use of hands-free devices while driving become more common, the Connect has some advanced features.

Users can stream audio over Bluetooth using A2DP, including music, GPS directions or any other audio content. The Connect also announces who’s calling on the phone. Users can accept or decline calls by voice commands.

The earpiece fits comfortably on either the left or the right ear and is designed to be worn all day. It features audio instructions to guide users through the process of pairing the Connect with their phones when they first set it up and can be paired with up to two devices. t can also report the iPhone’s battery life left, set up conference calls and three-way calls, as well as Wind Armour technology.

The Connect is fully compatible with Apple Siri and Google Voice actions.

According to company officials, the Connect was designed for noisy environments. In fact, conversations can now occur during winds of 22 miles per hour. Users have up to five hours of talk time, with a standby time of 100 hours. The Connect builds on BlueAnt’s Q2 and Q3 headsets.

Bluetooth headsets might be the most commonplace piece of wearable technology today. It retails for $69.99.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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