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June 11, 2013

Jabra Adds Siemens OpenScape to its Bluetooth Headset

Jabra’s Bluetooth headset is taking Siemens’ OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe feature for all its worth, providing never before seen seamless transitions between devices in a single conversation. With it, users can switch to and from the headset and various other devices, without having to pause the conversation or break its flow at all.

With the OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe feature, users can move voice conversations between mobile devices, office phones, and laptops with a single swipe. Now, thanks to Jabra’s partnership with Siemens, Jabra headsets and mobile devices are perfectly integrated with the OpenScape platform, so users can receive the best sound quality, easy employment, and easy of use.

Of course, Jabra is also bringing something to the table, with the Jabra Motion UC. This uses built-in sensors to pick up on movements in order to adjust the volume and calls appropriately. It offers intuitive sound control, automatically answering, ending, and controlling calls when the time is right.

“Breakthroughs in the league of OpenScape Call Swipe are not something we see every day, even in this innovative and high-tech industry,” explains Jabra’s VP of Marketing, Products, and Alliances, Holger Reisinger. “OpenScape Call Swipe is one of the few features we have seen appear in recent years, which is solving a longstanding, low-tech challenge for mobile workers: moving from the office to the car without having to interrupt the call to change devices. Call Swipe deserves to become industry standard.”

Both the OpenScape Mobile and Motion UC headset have proven themselves to be useful and effective work tools, with both of them being finalists for the 2013 “Best of Enterprise Connect Award.” By combining them together, they can create an even greater tool, and as they both use simple gestures to work, they’re practically made for each other as it is.

With the combined audio quality, connections, and control, the Jabra and Siemens combination is not one to overlook.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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