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June 26, 2013

Connected Nations Launches a New Pilot Mobile Learning Model for K-12

The positive impact of computers and the Internet on the world we live in cannot be denied. The result of that impact has been to try and implement both technologies in every industry in the hopes of having a positive result. A great example that points out technology alone cannot solve a problem is the One Laptop per Child initiative, which has resulted in less than desired outcomes in countries where it was widely deployed. So, technology alone will not improve test scores and motivate kids to learn. A comprehensive approach that incorporates what we have learned so far about education has to be applied.

Connected Nations has launched a new pilot for a mobile learning model for grades K-12 with the collaboration of AT&T, Edmodo, Kno and Samsung. This learning model combines mobile devices, connectivity and educational content to give students access to education anywhere.

In the pilot, two high school classes were part of the program over an eight week period with shared and one-to-one mobile learning models. When the trial was over, most students said this model enriched the learning experience and they would like to continue using it after the trial. Because of its easy-to-use nature, it made reading interesting and had helpful functions. Those students that were part of the one-to-one model had 10 percentage higher satisfaction levels.

"When supported by quality teacher training and paired with robust broadband, we believe that tablet devices have the potential to dramatically impact education in America. We were happy to administer a trial for AT&T's new mobile learning model. Since no two schools are exactly alike, it's important that schools have access to a variety of mobile learning platforms that meet their needs," said Brent Legg, Connected Nation's Vice-President for Education Programs.

The organizations that were part of the pilot program provided their expertise to ensure the success of the program. AT&T provided 3G and 4G connectivity for the devices and the mobile learning workspace software; Edmodo gave students and teachers a platform for collaboration in real-time; Kno provided digital textbooks used in the pilot; and Samsung provided Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablets.

"Our aspiration is to help schools effortlessly build a mobile learning program by giving them access to preeminent companies without having to balance lots of partners," said John Irwin, AT&T Senior Vice President of Government, Education, and Healthcare. "During the pilot, we were able to demonstrate that bringing technology leaders together with the end user in mind ultimately leads to an enriched educational experience for students."

Connected Nation is a nonprofit organization committed to pushing broadband services around the country for more than 10 years. It provides digital literacy, research and analysis, policy consultation and mapping services to communities and its residents.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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