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June 27, 2013

LeapFrog Announces New LeapPad Ultra Tablet

As technology use continues to grow and the age of people who use that technology continues to be younger and younger, companies are noticing that they need to be able to make gadgets thatyounger kids can actually call their very own. Parents are always going to let them use their iPads, but those same parents would rather their kids be using gadgets that are geared towards the younger set, for obvious reasons. LeapFrog is one company that has long geared its solutions to the younger crowd, and it took yet another step towards tots using tablets with the announcement of the LeapPad Ultra.

LeapFrog might be the first company that is well known for putting out tablets that are specifically geared towards kids, but it is far from the only one working in that sector these days. Even Polaroid has gotten in on the action, announcing a newkid-targeted tablet earlier this year. LeapFrog knows that there are plenty of competitors on the market these days, and that is why they continue to upgrade and improve their offering.

The new version of the LeapPad has new parental tools that include a four-digit security code. That code will allow parents to control what their kids can see and do when they are using the built-in Wi-Fi adapter. The LeapPad Ultra also includes a safe and secure browser that is geared towards bringing them content that kids love when they do searches. The tablet will allow them to view videos, as well as visit sites and look at images that have all been rated as “family friendly.”

Because the tablet is from LeapFrog, the LeapPad Ultra also offers access to a learning library that is now stocked with more than 800 titles that can be accessed through games and other applications. The LeapPad Ultra is going to sell for about $159 and will be available in mid-July.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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